Cool North Pole Igloo Cake

Here’s my cool North Pole Igloo cake. To make this cake, use a sturdy board for the base, covered in aluminum foil. Spread Bettercreme across inner section of board. The Igloo cake was baked in a 6″ metal bowl and then placed upside down on double layer 7″ cake. Don’t use too big of a metal bowl or fill too full or the middle of the cake wont get done without overbaking the sides.

Frost the cake entirely and then cover from the bottom up with flat, rectangular marshmallows (bought them this shape and thickness) making sure to alternate the marshmallow levels as you go up. Place on the top, they will not fit on top without some gaps. Fill gaps with Bettercreme, using a tip to make it look like snow or ice, coming over the top a bit. Sprinkle edible white glitter on bettercreme.

Make 3 chocolate cupcakes, one for the igloo door and 2 for the base of the poles (candy canes). Turn 1 on the side and slide against the igloo where you want the door, cover with Bettercreme and then marshmallows, leaving the top of the cupcake unfrosted for the appearance of a hole. I made this cake for our firefighters on christmas day as they weren’t going to get to be home so I placed a santa by the igloo door but you could use penguin, polar bear, etc..

Place the other 2 cupcakes upside down and frost, place the candy cane in center. I found chocolate formed walrus, penguin and placed them against cupcakes and 1 against the igloo wall. Take the white edible glitter and cover the base and cupcakes.

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