Cool Santa Claus Cake Ideas and Christmas Cake Recipes

Coolest Santa Claus Christmas Cake Recipes and Photos

I made a scratch cake from one of my many Christmas cake recipes and baked it using the Wilton sports ball pan as well as an 8″ square pan. I iced the square pan in red buttercream and decorated it to look like brick. I then decorated the sports ball cake to look like Santa’s … Read more

Cool Christmas Cake Recipe Ideas and Cake Decorating Tips

Coolest Christmas Cake Recipe Ideas

I used the Pampered Chef measuring bowl/pan to shape the base and a Christmas cake recipe. I used buttercream with a rectangular tip and after I sprinkled with aqua sanding sugar I kind of pushed it in so that each little square looks like an ice block. I used sugar cubes for the ice cubes … Read more

Coolest Wreath Cake with How-To Instructions

Coolest Wreath Cake

It was my husband’s aunt’s birthday and Christmas party on the same day so I made this wreath cake to serve 12 adults. It was a little warm that day (which is not unusual being in Hawaii) so I know my butter cream frosting will hold up to the humid weather. I found a Swiss meringue butter cream frosting … Read more

Cool Rockin’ Robin Christmas Cake

This Rockin’ Robin is my favorite Christmas Cake I’ve made. I think I’ve got better as each year goes by (you should’ve seen my first 2 attempts)! Each year, my Mum bakes the fruit cakes and she gives one to me. It’s a tradition that we ice them together and I always look forward to this time. So, I just leveled off … Read more

Coolest Deer Cake for 8-Year-Old (It Made Him Cry!)

I made horns out of gum paste so they would be good and strong. They we not so easy to make. Small pieces kept falling off so I finally came up with idea to mold them into right shape and let them dry on Pepsi can. My husband made rue they looked like they should lol, stacked … Read more

Coolest Two-in-One Christmas Cake

2 in 1 Christmas Cake

I decorated  this Christmas cake for the last year holiday season. A rich fruit cake made by my English aunt was the base for the two options of this cake. I covered the top with royal icing -for the snowed scenery- and stuck a fence and some decorative christmas trees near the edges. Then I … Read more

Cool North Pole Igloo Cake

Cool North Pole Igloo Cake

Here’s my cool North Pole Igloo cake. To make this cake, use a sturdy board for the base, covered in aluminum foil. Spread Bettercreme across inner section of board. The Igloo cake was baked in a 6″ metal bowl and then placed upside down on double layer 7″ cake. Don’t use too big of a … Read more

Frosty the Snowman Christmas Present Cake

I made this Frosty the Snowman Christmas present cake for a friend of mine. She originally asked me if I could put a fondant ribbon on a cake like one shown on a magazine cover. I told her I would do that for her, but I thought it seemed a little plain for a Christmas … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snow Globe Cake!

Christmas Cake

This Christmas snow globe cake was made for a family dinner. It was a 3-layer 8 inch vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache filling. I iced the cake in buttercream, covered it in red fondant, amd embellished it in white fondant snowflakes. The snow globe was created with a glass bowl from the Dollar Store. … Read more

Christmas Advent Birthday Cake

Christmas Advent Birthday Cake

This advent birthday cake idea originated when I saw a beautiful wooden advent calendar house and thought to myself, ‘How cool would this look if it was a cake?’ Luckily my friend was celebrating her birthday on the 3rd of December so I figured this was a great chance to test out my idea! I … Read more

Coolest Frozen Theme Snowy Wonderland Cake

Coolest Frozen Theme Snowy Wonderland Cake

I made this snowy wonderland cake for a little girl’s birthday party. Any guesses on what her theme was? That’s right, Frozen. I wanted to make the cake following the theme, but also give her something different and fun. The snowflake is edible, along with all the jewels. I started with a 9 inch bottom … Read more

Coolest Olaf Cake

This Olaf cake began with a simple question. I asked my almost 5 year old grandson what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday (since his nonna always makes his birthday cakes) and he answered, “Olaf.” “What,” I said, “is Olaf?” Now I had done it. I was worried, as I had no clue … Read more