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Coolest My Little Pony Cake for a 6 Year Old

For every birthday my children get to pick there theme and I do a themed cake. It has always been my gift to them. And something my mom and do together. For my daughter’s birthday we celebrated with friends out of state. So we didn’t do the traditional ‘theme’ party. But my daughter kept asking to please have a “My Little Pony” cake and party. Because of life circumstances, days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and my daughter continued to say she wanted a My Little Pony cake. My other 2 children share the same birthday. And I knew they would each get their theme cakes in just a few months, so I didn’t want my ‘middle child’ to feel left out of her theme cake. I had to miss a year with her because of morning sickness so I didn’t want her to miss her special cake gift again. Life with children is so short and precious and I know they won’t always want a ‘homemade cake from Mommy’ so I treasure everyone that I make. And the looks on their faces are priceless. So we decided to surprise her. She had no idea that we were having a party for her because it wasn’t close to her actual birthday. My mom took her and her brother and sister for a drive while I set up. When she arrived home to a yard full of friends, she stared like she couldn’t figure out what was going on! She said ‘Mommy, what is going on here?’ I said ‘What do you think?’ She said ‘Is this my MY LITTLE PONY PARTY?!!’ It was adorable. She was ecstatic with her cake.

I used Neon icing colors to color white icing many different colors. I made the icing with cream cheese, and powdered sugar. I used funfetti box cake mix and butter golden cake mix. The bottom layer was in a rectangular cake pan and then I did 2 round cakes for the top. It was 2 layers with icing between the rounds. I placed one of her large plastic My Little Pony dolls on the top round cake and at the bottom on the rectangular part, I placed 2 small My Little Pony figures behind a white picket fence that I made with popsickle sticks and painted white. I iced the cake with bright colors that just looked like a ‘cartoon world’. And also put polka dots on the round top cake. I put Valentine colored candy corns around the entire top of the cake and around the sides. And I also put heart shaped lolly pops all over the top of the cake. My little girl was ecstatic and loved it!! We had My Little Pony themed plates and a My Little Pony pinata. The cake was a lot of fun to make! And quite simple. :)

It was a great time for everyone and a party she will never forget!

My Little Pony Cake

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