My 5 year old, Melody, LOVES My Little Pony and wanted a fun cake. I love decorating cakes, but I decided it would be fun to try to make the cake fun on the inside too… hello Pinterest!  BUT, I also enjoy getting a laugh out of the “Pinterest Fail” photos (“Nailed it!”), and decided that if this is a fail, at least I could make something else fairly quickly.

So, I started by making cake balls in crazy bright colors. I used frosting dye to color white cake mix- the colors stayed incredibly vibrant. I cooked the cake balls for about 13 minutes, and then put them in the sheet cake pan and covered them with white cake mix, and then baked the whole thing for the regular sheet cake time/temp. I used the leftover crazy colored batter for the round top cake- simply poured them into the center of the cake pan one color at a time, and when I cut it open, I had the cool rainbow effect.

For the decorations, I used homemade frosting, and spray color for the grass and purple castle. I used Easter M&Ms and colored sprinkles for the path, and piping for the pink flowers and lettering.  Finally, I stuck on candy flowers, towers/door from my Wilton Castle Cake kit, and a dozen mini My Little Pony dolls.  The cake was a HUGE hit.  The kids loved the castle and ponies, the adults absolutely loved the polka dots and rainbow inside.  One of the most fun cakes for me to have made.