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Cool Soccer Field Cake For My Son

This soccer cake was a yellow cake, bavarian cream filling, buttercream frosting. This was something new for me and I created it for my son who wanted a soccer cake. He loves to play soccer and I wanted to make him feel happy.

The hardest part of making this cake was the field on the cake making it look perfect, and putting the cake together. My son was there next to me asking me mommy you need help, lol putting the green color for the field, grass,  the field nets,and putting the players in the right position to make it look like they where having a rough games, had so much fun a making it for my son, at the ends I was pleased with my results and he was happy, he loved his cake and he is ready for his next cake and I can wait to make him one, I make this for fun and I enjoy learning something new .. I love when it comes out the way I plan it and this is something I love and enjoy . I went trough a lot making this cake, had to bake the cake twice and then setting the cake and decorations

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