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Crazy for Soccer Cake

I made this soccer cake for a friend’s son who is turning 10. Joey told his Mom he would like a soccer cake for his birthday and he is on a soccer team called Three Rivers Soccer.

Soccer Cake Instructions

  • I wanted to make the cake special to him, so I Googled his soccer team and found a picture of his soccer team’s emblem.
  • I printed the emblem out on a sugar sheet with edible ink, attached it to fondant and  cut it out.
  • I then got on his mom’s Facebook page, found a picture of him in his soccer uniform, and did the same thing with his picture, except I did it on a thicker piece of fondant.
  • I made the ball he’s holding in the picture 3D.
  • For the soccer ball cake I used half of the Wilton sports ball pan and covered the cake in buttercream frosting.
  • I then cut the pentagon and hexagon shapes for the ball out of black and white fondant and attached them to the frosting on the cake.
  • The cake itself is a 10 inch round cake which I cut in three layers.
  • I filled each layer with buttercream frosting and iced the whole cake.
  • I then covered it in fondant and added a little buttercream green grass.