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Cool Soccer Cake Made with Wilton Cake Pan

I baked these 2 cakes in a rectangular 15 by 12 pan and wilton soccer ball pan. Iced smooth the rectangle cake with buttercream tinted with green americolour leaf green.

I also grated coconuts about a total of 5 nuts ( you may need about 3 in total) and coloured it green using the same brand. Before colouring, I soaked the cocconut in sweetened water ( water plus sugar)  for about 2 hours and dried it in the oven to remove excess moisture. I did this the day before I baked both cakes ( you can decide to put some in the cake batter if you wish).

with the buttercream still “wet” I attached the green grated coconut by hand.

Trace the soccer field lines. You can download from the internet.

Place the soccer ball on the cake and start piping.

The man u logo is made of cloth and attached to a round pice of fondant using non edible glue before placing it on the cake. The section you choose to place the logo should be iced with buttercream, after placing the logo, then pipe ryal icing around the logo to hold the logo in place.

Pipe the soccer ball, follow instruction on the wilton soccer pan sheet (downloadable at slice of heaven)

For the all piping, I used wilton tip 18 ( but for a finer and more detailed stars, you can used 14-16)  and Home made royal icing, recipe on the wilton website,

For the graduation cap, cover any square cake board ( I used 6″) with fondant and emboss using the “alligator ” texture sheet and painted with green americolour sheen airbrush colour.

I also used the  Wilton Fondant Alphabet Number Cookie Cutter Cut Outs, Set of 37 to cut out the fondant alphabets.

To assemble cake, I placed an 8″ cake board underneath the soccer ball and placed it in the centre of the dowelled rectangular cake.

Finally, the tassles were made using a clay extuder gun, ensure the fondant is really soft before you place it in the  gun.  the circle holding the tassles was cut out using a big nozzle tip.

I discovered Royal icing yields intense colours more than buttercream as with royal icing you do not need to add so much colour, If the icing becomes to shiny and “watery” you can add alittle icing sugar to harden or fim it up, but it should not be so stiff that piping becomes a struggle as it may result in tearing of piping bag in the case of cloth bag or the tip slipping out in the case of disposable nylons.

Cool Soccer Cake Made with Wilton Cake Pan

Cool Soccer Cake Made with Wilton Cake Pan

Cool Soccer Cake Made with Wilton Cake Pan

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