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Coolest Soccer Ball Cake

This soccer ball cake was made for a friend’s 8 year old son birthday party. He is a soccer player. All he wanted for his birthday was a soccer ball for a cake. He kept asking his mom to make sure his cake was a soccer ball. This was a easy cake to make the base is a 19 inch double layer cake covered with buttercream frosting. The soccer ball I used a ball cake pan and covered it in black and white shapes like on a real soccer ball. The little guy sitting on top was made out of fondant. This was made a few days in advance to give it time to dry. The stars were put on wire and dried

The 8 year old was THRILLED when he saw the cake. He wanted to know if that was a real soccer ball on top. When the cake was cut the little boy would not cut the soccer ball, he took it home with him.

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