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Cool Stacked Ninja Turtle Cake

My oldest wanted a Ninja Turtle party for is 9th birthday.   I made each cake and stacked them the morning of the party.  I did end up looking like a leaning tower despite my best efforts.  And I did miss covering some of the cake with frosting after I stacked them, but my son still loved it.

I alternated chocolate and white cake for each turtle.  I had him put the turtles in order from his most to least favorite, with the favorite being on the bottom.  I used a white buttercream frosting and colored it for each turtle.  The main green color is Wilton’s Moss Green, which I thought made a really true turtle color.  The layers start at 6″ round and go down to 12″ round.  I was able to complete backing and frosting all the cakes in one day.  I didn’t have too many issues with this cake.  The only issue was I did not make enough purple frosting to go completely  around the cake the first time, so that was a bit frustrating.

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