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Cool Trivial Pursuit Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Board Game theme for her 11th Birthday. This made it easy for the guests to decide on what gift to give. Most of them gave her board games! After much thought about how to incorporate the board game theme into the cake, I decided the cake should look like the Pie and Wedges from the Trivial Pursuit board game. To make the cake I baked two round cakes and then I cut a triangle shape out of the second of the cakes. When I put the second cake on top of the first, I placed a cookie into the bottom of the triangle shaped hole and then replaced the triangle that had previously been cut from that spot. This gave that part of the cake a raised look, as if the wedge was in the process of being placed in the pie holder piece. Then I drew the rest of the triangle wedge shapes onto the top of the cake and iced each one a different colour. The outside (pie base) was blue. Besides the themed cake we also played a life sized board game and then the girls played real board games like Monopoly, Life and Clue. We all had a really fun time!

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