When we asked our soon-to-be 4 year old what he wanted for his birthday, all he kept saying was “A Candyland Birthday Cake!”  Living in Pittsburgh, we have numerous specialty bakeries, but could not locate a cake with this theme.  So, we thought we would try it ourselves. Considering we have the game board essentially memorized, as we play this game countless times daily with our little guy, we went to the grocery store and bought out the entire candy aisle. (LOL!  Just kidding.)

We laid out the board, accompanied by the characters from the Candyland deluxe game, and went to work.  It took approximately 2 hours and 2 lbs. of candy to decorate the cake. While creating the gummy pass, peppermint pass and lollipop forest were no brainers, creating the special board spaces (cupcake space, licorice space, etc.) almost drove us crazy!  The finished product was the hit of his birthday party and received more compliments than we could have imagined.  We even have requests to make other themed cakes for family and friends.  We had so much fun making this for our little guy and learned that you can create anything with the right ingredients, in our case it was Starbursts, green sprinkles, and lots of love!  Enjoy!