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Coolest 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake

My daughter LOVES her 101 Dalmation stuffed animal that she got as a gift so I decided to make her a 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake for her 1st birthday.

This cake was made using a Wilton 101 Dalmations cake pan. These pans are no longer for sale in stores but can be found on eBay. I was able to find the original Wilton directions on another website. I followed those directions as outlined.

I used store-bought white, red, and black icing and then combined the red and white icing to make the pink icing for the ears and the tongue. Wilton tips #16 & #21 where primarily used for this project.

This was the first pan cake that I have ever made and found it to be pretty easy. I think the cake looks amazing for an amateur! All of the children (and adults too) loved it!

3 thoughts on “Coolest 101 Dalmations Birthday Cake”

  1. Whow!! Excellent job! I am planning a Dalmatian party as well in September 2010. Not sure if E-bay can courier pans to South Africa?? Really hope so. Please send me some tips.

  2. My daughter’s 5th birthday is approaching and I am charged with the task of pulling together a Dalmation party. I have always made her cakes, can’t fathom having someone else do it.

    You did a great job. I am from the US but live in the UK, and like the parent in South Africa, I hope I can scrounge up a dalmation cake pan too.

    Question: when you said you used store bought icing- did you mean Betty Crocker (or equiv) for the white an those icing tubes you can buy for the red and black? Did the coloured bits have a bitter flavour or were they alright. Thanks.


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