Awesome Twin Minion Cake

Twin Minion Birthday Cake for my 2 years old grandson, each made of six layers 2 x 8 round butter cake. I spread butter frosting in each layer and once I got the cake in the shape of a minion I spread again butter frosting to cover the body of the minion and put it inside the refrigerator to harden the icing.

While inside the refrigerator I prepared the home made marshmallow fondant and colored it with yellow for the body, blue for the jumper suit, black for the goggles, hands and shoes,little bit of brown for the eyes and red for tiny tongue. After preparing the fondant and the cake was ready to cover I took it out from the fridge and started to cover with the home made marshmallow fondant.

My daughter in law having fun to shape the shoes and the hands of the minion.  After covering with the yellow fondant one of the twin came and threw his miniature minion toy near the cake, though the cake yet totally finish he already recognized it must be minion like his toy. Next I prepared to cut the blue fondant for the minion suit, black fondant for goggle headband. I used round cookie cutter for the eyes. And the twin minion finished the twin Andre & Anthony enjoyed clapping their hands.