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Coolest 13th Birthday Roller Skate Cake

This 13th birthday Roller Skate cake was designed by my granddaughter, Vivian for her 13th birthday. Vivian used Wilton Sugar Sheets in Zebra design for the bottom layer, which was very easy to do.

I cut the sugar sheets before frosting the cake, so the icing would be wet when applying the sugar sheet. My granddaughter applied the sugar sheets. I split the second layers and Vivian used different neon frostings between the layers. When the cake was cut, it was very pretty.

I viewed many roller skate pictures before starting on the roller skate. I made the recipe for rice krispie treats without butter, for a firmer texture. I covered the skate in Wilton rolled fondant. I laid the skate on its side on the fondant and cut around it allowing extra to make sure it would wrap around. I cut the tongue and applied it before adding the 2 sides for the skate.

We took a cake decorating tip to make the shoelace holes. Fondant was used for the shoelaces and were pinched on the edges to appear as they were laced. The toe stop was made from a marshmallow dipped in orange chocolate. The wheels were made from fondant with a silver dragee in the middle. Vivian dusted the entire skate with silver dust. My husband made a small platform for the skate to sit on from foam board.

Vivian’s party included roller skating, after her guests enjoyed the cake.

Homemade 13th Birthday Roller Skate Cake

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  1. Where did you find a pan for the 3D dimensional effect of the skate?how do u get the skate to stand rather than just flat?


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