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Coolest Cake for Hockey Fan

I made this cake for my hockey billet. This was my second attempt at being creative with fondant after watching the cake shows on TV. Skate was formed using rice crispies molded in the shape of a skate and covered with fondant. I cut holes in the fondant to lace up the skate using just a strand of fondant.

I took apart a real skate and used the blade under my skate. I had my husband cut slits in real pucks to stand the blade of the skate other wise it would fall over. The jersey was made from a sheet cake and decorated in his team colors with his name.

The cake was a complete hit with 23 hockey players taking out their cell phones to take pictures. Total time for this cake for our hockey fan was about 10 hours, start to finish.

Homemade Cake for Hockey Fan

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