Coolest 18 Wheeler Birthday Cake

My son likes all forms of large trucks so I thought it would be a good idea to make him an 18 wheeler birthday cake for his birthday. I’m a big fan of Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes and I had to try my hand at this. I did a lot of research online an got a few pointers and recipe recommendations. I settled on the Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe from the Cake Bible and a Chocolate Butter Cream Icing recipe I found on the internet. Both of which were great choices and I highly recommend.

This was my first attempt and after a really rough start and burning the first 2 sheets of cake, everything seemed to come together and turned out great. I used a total of seven 9×13 sheets of cake, I made 2 sheets at a time which were double batches of the recipe. I made 2 batches of buttercream icing and each batch was double the recipe and I purchased 10 lbs of white fondant from a local cake supply store which I used every bit of.

I also used red and black gel color and square rice crispie treats for the base. The homemade 18 wheeler birthday cake took me a total of about 18 hours and was worth every bit of time I spent on it. The cake ended up being about 26″ long, 11″ high and 8 inches wide. With the 24″ X 30″ plywood base, it must have weighed at least 40 lbs.

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  1. WOW!! What a great job you did on this cake! I’ve been a cake decorator for 19 years now and even I’m a bit timid about having to make a cake similar to this for a wedding in July! But I can tell that I am definitely going to use your cake as a template! KUDOS 2 U!!!!

  2. Did you by chance take pictures of this step by step as you did it? I am in the process of doing one and can not get the front part of the truck. Any directions or hints would be a great help.

    You did an amazing job!

  3. Hi there, I am hoping you can answer some questions as I am making a double trailer semi-truck in a few days.

    1 – what is your cake resting on? (doesn’t look like it’s sitting directly on the “street”)

    2 – given your dimensions, how many people did it serve?

    3 – just confirming, in the picture shown are all 7 cakes used in both the trailer & cab?

    Thank you for your time.

  4. Wow it really is a spectacular job.

    I’m hoping like crazy you took step by step photo’s as I’ve had a request for something similar too.

    You really are talented. Well done!

  5. Sorry I’m just checking the comments on the cake. Thanks for the great feed back and Yes I did take step by step pictures if you like, email me and I will send them.( Also, the Cab and Trailer are sitting on a rice cake foundation. I bought the rice cake snacks, laid them out and cut them to the size I needed and then covered with white fondant under the trailer and red under the cab.

  6. Shaun you did such an amazing job with this cake. I too, am hesitant to make an 18 wheeler cake. What a great end to a scary journey, I’m sure. Someone said you should be doing this professionally. I so agree. Keep up the great work. I would love the step by step directions. How can I get them?? Thanks for sharing this with us. It is well appreciated!

  7. Please email me the step by step instructions for your 18 wheeler birthday cake. My partner is a truck driver in New Zealand and I would love for him to have a cake like this for his 50th birthday this year (2012). My email address is Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  8. My son is a truck driver and he and his fiance want a 3D cake like this for their wedding. And want me to make it. It’s perfect, great job. Do you still have the instructions for it? Thanks.

  9. Hi you did an amazing job. could you email your step by step instructions. i also need to make one for my fathers 70th birthday this saturday June 30, 2012. Thanks so much


  10. This cake is fabulous. My son loves big trucks. I would love to try to make this for his party. Can u email me step by step directions too please? Thank you so much. He would be beyond thrilled!
    My email is

  11. Hello, love your cake, my fiancee is a semi truck driver and i would love to surprise him with a groom cake of a semi-truck. please send step by step how to and recipe to

    asap wedding soon lol. thank you greatly appreciated

  12. Hi!

    My dad just started driving big rigs and this would be perfect for his birthday next week, coyuld you please tell me how you did this?

  13. Hi there,
    Just saw the 18 wheeler cake you had made. You’ve done a fantastic job. It looks totally professional and you took care of the minutest detail. I was looking online to find a truck cake for my son who will be turning 2 on may 1st. We have recently moved to Florida and have no friends to invite for my sons birthday. I kind of feel bad about that. I know that he loves trucks and a truck cake might make him happy, I have decided to make the cake myself. But I have no professional help or training. Saw your cake and was really hoping that you would share the recipe and a few techniques with me. If that is okay my email is Thanks in advance.

    A hopeful mom

  14. My son Taylor is graduating from high school the year, and each year the grad class holds a cake auction to raise money. Taylor wanted to make a semi-truck as his cake as his dad owns a trucking company. Would u also email me the instructions. Thanks u.

  15. Can you please email me step by step directions for your cake. My sons Birthday is coming up and he’s a driver.

    Thank you


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