Coolest 4 Wheeling Cake Design

I used 2 yellow cake mixes in a 13×9″ baking pan for this 4 Wheeling Cake Design. Of course the cake had a nice dome on it. Not that I planned it that way but it actually turned out to be very helpful. I leveled off the cake and I was going to make a hill for the 4 wheeler, but then decided to make a pond instead. So I cut an oblong hole in the dome part and filled it up with “water” (blue frosting).

I frosted the “pond” with chocolate frosting and then crushed up graham crackers to make it look like a sandy beach. I then frosted the rest of the cake with chocolate frosting to make it look like mud. Also splattered some “mud” on one of the 4 wheelers. I placed the one 4 wheeler into the pond and also put some blue frosting on the back tires to make it look like it was trying to get out of the water. The other 4 wheeler, I just stuck into the side of the cake.

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