Coolest Semi Trailer Kids Cake Ideas

Coolest Semi Trailer Kids Cake Ideas

Even though this is a kids cake, I made it for my dads 60th, a copy of his truck. I made two loaf pans of vanilla cake for the truck and a baked a round cylinder cake for the trailer/tanker (I think it was nut loaf tin and baked standing up). I then cut the … Read more

Coolest Mack Truck Cake

Coolest Mack truck for friends Mom

This was the hardest cake I ever attempted. Both in time and in challenges. I’ve been making cakes for friends, family and charity for many years, and when my friend came to me with a picture of a semi truck that his mom started out driving I was a bit hesitant as I know nothing … Read more

Awesome Homemade Optimus Prime Birthday Cake

My 4 year old son thought it was the coolest Optimus Prime cake ever! This cake was born out of pure frustration of having to always pay a fortune for pretty but tasteless cakes that need a year supply of coffee to flush it past the gag reflex to try and swallow and eventually after … Read more

Coolest Lorry Cake

Coolest Lorry Cake

Someone who I’d make a cake for previously was really pleased with the outcome that she asked me again but this time she wanted a large lorry cake. I’d made a lorry cake before but a lot smaller and it didn’t turn out that well to be fair. I thought it’d been in an accident, … Read more

Cool Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

This Semi Trailer Birthday Cake was a cake my husband and I did for my father-in-law’s birthday. We used 6 loaf pans, 4 for the trailer and 2 for the cab and cut the cab to the desired shape. I then iced the cake with homemade buttercream icing, added pretzel sticks for the smoke stacks … Read more

Coolest Peterbilt Potbelly Livestock Truck Cake

Homemade Peterbilt Potbelly Livestock Truck Cake

This Peterbilt Potbelly Livestock Truck Cake was my first fondant cake that I made for my nephew Trevor on his 7th birthday. It was going to be a surprise to him as to what the cake would be, but we knew it had to be this Peterbilt- he “LOVES” it. The cake was a challenge … Read more

Coolest 18 Wheeler Birthday Cake

Homemade 18 Wheeler Birthday Cake

My son likes all forms of large trucks so I thought it would be a good idea to make him an 18 wheeler birthday cake for his birthday. I’m a big fan of Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes and I had to try my hand at this. I did a lot of research online … Read more

Coolest Transport Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Transport Truck Birthday Cake

I made this Transport Truck Birthday Cake for a friend’s birthday. I used Wilton’s long loaf pan for the trailer and I used 4 mini loaf pans for the truck. I stacked two of the mini loaf pans one on top of the other for the cab of the truck and then I cut one … Read more

Coolest Semi Truck Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Semi Truck Birthday Cake Design

Our son Matthew LOVES semi trucks. I started this Homemade Semi Truck Birthday Cake Design by making a double recipe of chocolate cake & filled three loaf pans. Line the bottoms with parchment paper and use bakers spray on the sides, they popped out of the pans no problem! I stored them in the fridge … Read more

Coolest Flat Nose Truck Cake

Homemade Flat Nose Truck Cake

This Flat Nose Truck Cake is a birthday cake I made for my dad’s 80th birthday, as it was his 80th I want to make him a cake that he’d really love and as my dad Fred was a Truck driver 30 odd years and I knew he’d love a cake like this. I was … Read more

Coolest Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake

My son requested a “10 wheeler” for his birthday cake so I made this Homemade Semi Trailer Birthday Cake. I baked a chocolate cake in a loaf tin and cut it to shape (see pic). I raised the cake off the board with some blocks covered in tin foil, so that only the wheels of … Read more

Coolest Coal Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Coal Truck Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a cool cake for my father in law for his birthday. He drives a (blue) coal truck, and he was in Kentucky on his birthday. But in the next few days when he got back I had him the most awesome birthday cake he ever had. He loved it. I was … Read more