I made this 2nd Birthday Toopy and Binoo cake for my niece. We couldn’t decide if we were going to do a number theme cake for her or not.

Her favorite TV show is Toopy & Binoo, and it was my dad’s idea to do this cake theme for her. The cake is just a basic 9×13″ marble slab cake (from scratch, as always). The hard part was doing the Toopy & Binoo logo. I used decorator’s icing to trace it out on waxed paper over the picture. Put it in the freezer to harden, but of course, that didn’t work very well – could barely get it off the waxed paper because it refused to freeze! Got it mostly onto the cake and just had to touch it up with toothpicks and icing brushes.

The cake turned out OK in the end, and she absolutely loved it! Everybody did!