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Coolest Toopy & Binoo Birthday Cake Design

My daughter absolutely loves the Treehouse show Toopy & Binoo, but merchandise (i.e. cake pans decorations) is really limited with these cute guys! I decided to roll up my sleeves and make my own Toopy & Binoo Birthday Cake Design and decorations!

The cake is banana chocolate chip and was about 12″ x 24″. I printed out a colouring picture of them from the Treehouse website for transfer. Initially I was going to use the needle prick method, but my frosting hadn’t had long enough in the fridge to “crust”, and so the poked holes weren’t showing up well enough for me to outline. So I cut out the print from the parchment paper, laid it on the cake and knifed the outline of the characters. I just free handed the rest (they’re fairly easy to draw lol).

The icing was all a buttercream recipe I found from Wilton website which includes meringue powder, icing sugar, shortening, water and light corn syrup, vanilla and butter cream extracts/flavouring.

My daughter loved it!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Toopy & Binoo Birthday Cake Design”

  1. Very good job. I’m looking at the cakes together with my 2 yrs old. She loved it just by looking at the screen. Thanks for the idea

  2. Great job on the cake. My 2 year old daughter loves them as well. I was going to try to make the cake too. I was wondering how you made the grey icing? Thanks.


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