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Coolest Toopy and Binoo Birthday Cake

I made this Toopy and Binoo Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It is a rainbow sprinkle cake, filled with chocolate ganache, covered with chocolate butter cream and Marshmallow (MM) fondant.

This was my first attempt at working with MM fondant and it took a long time but overall it was not hard. I started by making Toopy, Binoo and Patchy-Patch several days ahead of time. I made a big batch using a recipe I found by Googling Marshmallow fondant and I coloured the fondant with Wilton Gel food colouring.

I waited to colour the fondant to cover the cake until the day before when I assembled the cake. Rolling the fondant was hard with a regular rolling pin so I used a clean plastic broom handle.

As a fondant cake should not be kept in the fridge I went with non perishable filling and icing that is need to help the fondant stick.

Wilton cookie cutters were used to make the butterflies and flowers. I just flattened and shaped little fondant balls to make the details. I then added edible glitter for a bit of sparkle.

The number 2 was a last minute thought because I could not find a 2 candle that matched so this one did the trick.

In the end I was beyond happy with her cake and everyone at the party was very impressed.

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