Coolest Binoo 3rd Birthday Cake

My daughter just loves Toopy & Binoo, so I made this homemade Binoo 3rd birthday cake for her 3rd birthday party.

For the head portion I used the Wilton Animal Crackers pan and just carved the round ears to more of a point.

For the body, I used a 9×13 cake pan. I cut off the bottom quarter of the cake and used it for both arms. Once iced, it looked like the arms always belonged there. I then rounded out the body a little to shape it more like “Binoo’s” tummy, and give him a bit of a neck.

The head portion of the cake was vanilla, filled and covered with vanilla butter cream icing. The body portion of the cake was double chocolate, which I filled with chocolate butter cream icing.

After only being iced and no features added, my daughter thought it already looked like Binoo! It was a real hit with my nieces as well as with the adults.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Binoo 3rd Birthday Cake”

  1. My daughter (2) is also a Toopee and Binoo junkie! What a great job you did. I think I will attempt it too with the help of my friend who’s better at this whole icing business!

  2. This cake looks so cool! I am working on making one for my daughter’s 2nd birthday! Hope it turns out just as great! Thanks for sharing :)


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