Coolest Toopy and Binoo Cake

My Blinu who just turned 2 loves Toopy and Binoo. I’m not a cake professional and just like everybody else I had hard time to find designs of these. I went online and the search directed me to “Coolest b-day cake” website where I got a general idea about how to create this Homemade Toopy and Binoo Cake.

From Treehouse website I printed out a Toopy and Binoo picture which I copied in an enlarged size and then transferred it to a parchment paper using coloured royal icing. Then, after they dried, I moved my characters from parchment paper to the cake. The cake is chocolate sponge cake in tree iced layers. The frosting is a mixture of buttercream-meringue-whip cream icing which actually came out very tasty but soft and not easy to work with.

And since I am not very friendly with artificial colours I coloured the icing with raspberry jam (liquid part only).

Homemade Toopy and Binoo Cake

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