This 2nd Birthday Train Cake uses the 3-D Choo Choo Train Cake Pan from Wilton. In addition I used mini loaf pans and a regular loaf pan for train cars. I used “Mama’s Pound Cake” recipe and buttercream Icing with a little purchased chocolate icing (outlines, tops, and around wheels for train) which I had left over from another cake. I had to make 2 recipes of cake due to how make extra items I made.

I reviewed this site for some colors as well as the Wilton instructions. I downloaded a train picture and used crayons to decide what I wanted to do with color for the main train.

I used the Wilton Royal Blue, then mixed with regular food coloring a dark yellow, kept a little icing plain, and mixed up icings which was left to get a teal type color… I can not tell you every tip I used, I’ll say this. I started out with start tip #18, then #16. However, because of all the icing and initial change of tips, once I used the tip I threw it in the sink. I used star tips, specialty tip like #78, and drop flower tips #106. Using a variety of tips created a variety of textures that worked.

Chocolate stuffed cookies for wheels on train cars. A lot easier than creating wheels and I like the look.

I was satisfied with how it turned out. On the front, I made a 2, as it was my son’s 2nd birthday.

You’ll notice that there is a bit of smearing on the front of the train because my son decided to touch it right before the picture. My thought is that anyone can do it if you have the time.