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Coolest 3rd Birthday Hulk Cake

I made this 3rd birthday Hulk Cake for a friend’s nephew. I wanted to go all out because I wasn’t able to make her wedding cake because of a death in the family. So I wanted to make it up to her. This was the 2nd time I use rice crispies. I started with 1 rice crispy ball and 1 crispy rectangle.

I carved away, frosted, and covered with fondant. I had just seen an episode of cake boss where he was using a steamer to help make the fondant easier to mold. So I turned on my coffee pot and used the steam to help smooth and mold. I also used some Crisco to help with the smoothing. I let it dry a little them I airbrushed.

I stacked my cakes and just pretty much went with it. I love it when people tell me “make whatever you want, I trust you”. That gives me creative freedom. That’s when I make the best cakes.

I don’t have any professional training, I taught myself watching You Tube, Cake Boss, and coolest-cakes.com.

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