Coolest 40th Birthday Purse Cake

I decided to create an “old lady” purse cake for a co-worker’s 40th birthday. I wanted a purse on its side with assorted age-related products spilling out.

The first thing I did was print labels for the products. I was able to fit all the labels on one 8.5″ * 11″ sheet of wafer paper. I attached the ID card, laxative, and sugar packets to flat fondant cut to shape. For the diaper, I folded a sheet of fondant into the diaper shape and attached the label. For the vitamin bottle and tube, I sculpted the basic shape from fondant, created the lid line by wrapping dental floss around the shape and pulling until it cut partially through., and finally attaching the labels. I allowed these to dry for a day or two to firm them up.

The next day, I prepared the cake. I used a standard 9″ * 13″ glass pan which was about the right size and had the rounded edges for a purse. The recipient is a fan of Coach purses, so I tried to follow their style in my decoration. I covered the cake except for the top edge in gray marshmallow fondant. I covered the top edge in black fondant and the applied black fondant strips for the stripe, top purse opening, and purse strap. I created “stitching” along the edges using a small fork.

I cut the Coach “C” design from black fondant with oval shaped cookie cutters and a knife and applied them in the pattern of Coach purses. Finally, I attached the various product decorations to the board. The cake was a big hit at the office, and the recipient loved it.

Homemade 40th Birthday Purse Cake

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