Coolest Purse Cake

This is a purse cake I made for my sister’s birthday. She loves shopping and has all coach purses so I thought this would be good and it was very very easy to make.

I just used two loaf pans. I stacked them on top of each other. I put them in fridge a little while just to cool and let set. I then just trimmed off, which I rounded the two sides to make into the shape.

I used canned icing instead of making buttercream but I was short on time. So it was hard to make it flat with using the *Viva paper towel so I had to use the good ole fashion way-*hot boiling water and a flat cake knife! It worked just fine, mainly because it wasn’t a big cake! I used yellow and brown for colors to match one of my sister’s real purses. I used the small star tip and hand drew the CC on each side. Then I used little black tint icing to make gray for the zipper. You can use this shape for any purse-brand name you can just add the logo or for little girls just use pink and flowers!

I had some wide-wire ribbon laying around so I used that as a the handle of the purse. I just cut a small slit with a butterknife and pushed the ribbon in.

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