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Coolest 5th Birthday Tea Party Cake

I made this 5th birthday tea party cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She had a proper tea party with a proper tea party cake. I baked the bottom layer in a 10×2 round cake pan two cake mixes. I cooked until I inserted a tooth pick and it was clean, about an hour. The second layer was baked in a large Topsy Turvy pan. The pan held two cake mixes again and baked like the first layer.

The Tea pot was baked from a Pampered Chef 8″ cup measuring cup. I baked it for about 45 minutes. Each cake I dirty iced then applied fondant that I colored myself with regular neon food coloring gel. The flowers and letters were cut out of fondant with cookie cutters. The pink, purple, and white balls were gum balls that I purchased at Hobby Lobby in the birthday section. The spout of the tea pot was made from the plastic dowel rod that I inserted in the middle of cake for stability (it was too tall so I had to cut off part of it).

I covered the spout with colored fondant then inserted some flowers at the end of the spout to cover the stick I put thru it in the cake. The top ball on the tea pot in a fondant ball, the handle is made from cut off wire from the yellow butterfly. I covered the wire with silk flowers all purchased from Hobby Lobby. I tried making the handle and spout from Rice Crispy treats and covered in fondant but it would not stay because it was too heavy.

My daughter loved her cake and I was a proud Mom and baker!

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