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Coolest 70th Birthday Cake

Andrea, my daughter in law, asked me to make a cake for her mom’s 70th birthday. I was told she loved Ireland and the theater and she loves being in the garden especially summer time. My daughter in law also wanted  a book with a friendship message written on it. She lives on her own and is very close to her friends.

To start I had to make a book and when dry I wrote a friendship message which my daughter in law choose. I also cut out lots of different colored and different shaped flowers and set these aside to dry. I made 3 different sized roses in red. I also made the Phantom of the Opera’s mask and then made the Irish flag and made some shamrock. After a few days it was time to start the cake.

I baked a 10″ square vanilla sponge 2 layer cake and also made  4.5″ 2 layer round cake. When cold I filled with butter cream and jam and then covered in butter cream and chilled in the freezer. Meanwhile I colored some icing in pink, enough to cover the two cakes. I then positioned the smaller cake on the top of the square cake and then covered the cake board in white icing. When the board was covered I used one of my flower cutters and made a flower pattern all around the cake board.

I now rolled out some white icing to cut out the fence. I made a template out of paper and started cutting each piece out, some smaller than others and using a little water I attached them to the bottom layer of the cake. When I had finished attaching them all around the cake I set aside for a few hours to dry out.

I mixed some royal icing and colored it in green and started piping the stems of the flowers around the fence adding the flowers as I went along. I then piped some leaves either side of the board and attached some more flowers. I pipe iced the leaves onto the book and attached the red rose and then pipe iced the stem and leaves onto the script and then attached the rose to the top of the stem. I piped some leaves to the bottom front edge of the top cake and attached the final rose.

I made the black cape with the black icing I had colored earlier and attached this to the top tier then using some white royal icing I pipe iced around the rest of the edge that was showing on the top tier and then using a little royal icing I attached the mask and the script and then on the bottom tier I attached the book and the flag.

I  rolled out some flower paste with a little fondant added into a thin strip so I could write on the music with an edible marker pen. When it was dry and when dried out a bit I attached it to the top cake. I  attached small edible beads in pink and white into each flower using a little royal icing. Finally I cut out the lettering and attached to the board. Her mom didn’t want anything for her birthday with her age on. She’s 70 and really doesn’t look her age so I didn’t add her age to the cake.

Andrea my daughter in law was thrilled with the outcome of the cake and cant wait for her mom to see it.