Coolest 70th Birthday Train Cake

My cake started out as a VERY high 12inch square orange cake. I then spent a lot of time looking at a picture of the train and carriages. After reshaping the cake into several sections I covered it with chocolate truffle mix then with coloured pettinice.

The picture of the train driver is done on edible potato paper and food grade ink that I get from America. The board for the cake was 41 inches long so I needed help transporting it to the venue. I was very lucky that it fitted in the back seat of my car with only 3 inches to spare. I’m pretty pleased how it turned out as I have never done a cake like this before. Unfortunaly the down side to doing this Homemade 70th Birthday Train Cake is that it took me roughly 35hrs to shape and ice but I enjoyed doing it when I saw how it ended up.

Homemade 70th Birthday Train Cake

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