Coolest 8th Birthday Mario Cake 90

My son is a huge Mario fan and asked for a Mario cake for his 8th birthday, how could I say no? This Homemade 8th Birthday Mario Cake is my first attempt at cake decorating other than the usual boxed-mix and store bought icing. The cake was made with 6 layers total, 3 layers using a 10 inch pan and 3 layers using an 8 inch pan.

I used boxed-mix pound cake because I had read that it is firmer and less likely to crumble. I did add a little vanilla extract and it improved the flavor, as I had forgotten to add it to one batch and the difference was definitely noticeable. I made each layer a different color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple so that when we cut the cake it looked like a rainbow inside.

I used buttercream frosting to cover the cake. All the decorations are handmade out of store-bought fondant by me with the exception of the Mario made by my husband-who did a fantastic job! To make Mario we printed out a picture and made an outline of the silhouette of Mario and cut a piece of black fondant in that shape. Then he made the shoes and ‘glued’ them to the silhouette, then the pants, and so on.

I was in a hurry before the party to ice the cake and place all the decorations, so please excuse the horrid job I did writing on the cake! We ended up having a great time making this cake and our son absolutely loved his Mario cake! I don’t think there will ever be another boring birthday cake in our house again.

Homemade 8th Birthday Mario Cake

Homemade 8th Birthday Mario Cake

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