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Coolest Abba Cake

My friend was turning 40 and was having an ABBA party. I searched the internet for an Abba cake and got only a couple of ideas and then basically changed a few areas to suit us. I actually bought a half sheet cake, as I didn’t really want to spend the time with baking process. I told them to just do plain white icing and a scallop edging.

I then used fondant and rolled 4 heads and bodies and used toothpicks to attach them to sit them on top. The people were obviously the trickiest and I had never attempted to do them before. I then used edible silver to paint their jackets etc and I always think of Abba in turquoise and white, so that’s why I chose the contrasting colour of turquoise.

I used a candy mold for the letters and just melted the already colored chocolate, to read ABBA MANIA. Then I sprinkled the whole cake with edible glitter and placed some turquoise confetti. I then finished it with a ribbon.

I also made a plaque (thats sitting at the back) from a candy mold and in the sprinkles wrote happy birthday.

It was fiddley to do the people, and I guess as you practice it will become easier but I have to say it was so much fun!

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