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Coolest Metallica Cake

My daughter is a huge Metallica fan and wanted a Metallica cake for her 15th birthday this year. So I looked online for a picture I could use to make her this cake she wanted so badly. She wanted a vanilla cake with raspberry filling.

I chose to use fondant to cover the cake so that it looked more clean. Using food gel coloring in black to dye a chunk of the fondant was a lot easier than using the liquid kind. For the cake emblem I used both white and black fondant, I just twisted them together and kneaded it a couple of times, then rolled it into a ball and rolled it out.

I hand cut all the letters and the emblem. Her and her friends loved the way it looked and tasted. If there was one tip I could give for making this cake it would be to make sure the fondant isn’t to cold or to warm when rolling it out to cover the cake. If it is either it will crack or tear.

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