Awesome Homemade 3D Airplane Cake

I baked two chocolate 11″ loaf cakes for this Airplane Cake and carved them into the shape of the body of the plane. (I cut each loaf into two layers, sprinkled with cherry brandy and filled with cherry filling). I supported it with a piece of cardboard cut like a rectangle with a triangle on each end.

The wings are made from gum paste with extra tylose added so that they dry really hard. I made the two jet engines and three tail pieces from this gum paste. I covered the body of the plane with rolled fondant, tucking it under the sides of the cake as neatly as possible. I painted on the pattern from the model Air Jamaica plane using paste colours and a makeup wedge and brushes. Vegetable shortening is used in the painting process to make it easier for the colours to spread evenly.

After the body was done, I attached the engines to the underside of the wings and inserted the wings into slots I cut into the side of the body using a sharp pointed knife. The engines are touching the board and help to support the wings. The three tail sections are inserted into the body in a similar fashion.

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  1. I am impressed. I am here googling airplane cakes as I prepare to make a Bahamas Air Cake for my son. He has been asking for this for over 6 months and tomorrow is his Bday. MAybe I’ll upload a photo if I am successful

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