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Coolest Alabama Football Birthday Cake

I made this Alabama Football Birthday Cake for Alabama’s biggest fan, my dad, for his 60th birthday. I bought the mold for the “Big A”, “Big AL” resin statue” and football. This full sheet (11×15 pan x 4) double layer cake was half chocolate cake mix and the other half yellow cake mix, (store bought Betty Crocker) with vanilla butter cream filling.

I made the butter cream icing from confectioners sugar (12c.), real unsalted butter (2 sticks), salt (2 tsp), clear vanilla flavor (8 tsp) and milk (1 cup).

I iced the sides in grey, field green for the top and star tipped the “A” and end zones in crimson red and white. I had to fabricate the goal posts from crafting dowel rods since the cake was so big, (couldn’t find any to buy that weren’t too small). Everyone loved it. The cake was really moist because I used butter recipe cake mix.

I don’t have any experience in cake decorating but I had an image in my head of what I wanted it to look like and that’s exactly how it turned out.


6 thoughts on “Coolest Alabama Football Birthday Cake”

  1. I love this! My husband’s birthday is coming up and I am searching for a Crimson Tide cake. I am definately keeping this in mind!

  2. I am so thankful for all the comments. This cake has given me the passion to start my own business.
    I love making cakes, but its very disheartening when some folks feel the need to come to this site and steal these images and post them as their own creations. Not cool

  3. U u did a beautiful job on this cake. I’m sure your dad was so proud! I’m going to try it for my grandsons first BD cake. Thanks for sharing! ROLL TIDE


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