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Coolest Alligator Birthday Cake 49

My little girl is not very girly and wanted an alligator birthday party at an alligator/petting zoo. I just thought I’d make my own Alligator Birthday Cake since the local bakeries were just not willing to make what I had in mind. I’m an artist, so I didn’t think it’d be too difficult, except for baking it properly.

I cooked two sheets of cake, took two large sheets of paper to make my template of the alligator, laid it over the cake so I knew how much of the cake would be used. When I drew out what I wanted, I cut it out of the paper, laid the paper back down on the unfrosted sheetcake and scored the outlines of the body. I cut it at an angle.

I used the leftover pieces to make the legs. I used fondant for the mouth, some scales and bow and then malt balls for the eyes with the white fondant over them to create “the stare”. Then I frosted it till my fingers were numb. The “dirt” is Coco Crispies and there are little gummy frogs. I painted eyelashes and the teeth (on white fondant) with black food coloring (the little jar stuff, not the stuff you use to color eggs.)

Use butter cream frosting it tastes the best!

My next attempt will be a sandcastle!

9 thoughts on “Coolest Alligator Birthday Cake 49”

  1. I printed a picture of your cake and a cake shop in Pasadena, CA wanted $300 for a similar cake that serves 30. Needless to say I will be following your directions and am going to try making it myself for my son’s birthday party. Thanks for the post!

  2. I love your cake! I make a snake cake, a fish cake, then next one is a sharks tooth cake, and I will now try your Alligator Cake. After we went to the St. Augustine Aligator Farm he wanted a Gator Birthday! What a perfect way to add to it all. Thank you!

  3. Thanks! $300! Wow! It took some work, but I’m not sure a kids birthday cake should cost that much! I’m sure yours came out great, and it meant a whole lot more since it came from you.

  4. I think it looks really good funny I was looking for ideas for my Grandson’s birthday, I located in alba-Golden not for from you.


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