Coolest Almond Joy Cake

This Almond Joy cake was made for my mom who just adores the Almond Joy candy bar! I was happy it turned out so easy to make!

I first started out making a rectangle cake (I went with a half cake- 12×18 pan). While that was baking I whipped up a batch of marshmallow fondant (it’s easier to use and actually tastes decent)and let it sit.

After the cakes cooled I layered and frosted (chocolate would be ideal) them. Next, I rolled out the fondant so it would cover the cake. The next part might come off as tricky, but it’s not. I started loosely putting the fondant on top of the cake; this way the wrapper looks crinkled. When it’s 3/4 the way on, stop, and go back over-lapping the fondant (for the pulled-back wrapper effect).

Melt chocolate in the microwave and pour it over the remaining frosting that’s not fondant covered.

Pick the candy bar you want and make the wrapper (fondant) look accordingly. I used Wilton food gel color and watered it down a bit and painted it on.

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