Coolest Cupcake Ever

This homemade cupcake cake for my daughter’s first birthday. She is my little cupcake so it seemed appropriate.

I purchased the Wilton Giant Cupcake pan from my local craft store, and filled it with regular cake mix. Make sure you use enough batter or it wont rise all the way and it wont stack properly. Trim the tops so they are flat and able to be stacked.

The bottom tiers are just round cakes which ever kind and size you like. Mine are 8″ and 6″.

I covered the tiers in fondant and decorated with fondant as well (just use water to make the fondant stick to each other), any style you choose. The confetti on top is also made from fondant circles. I also covered the bottom of the cupcake with fondant to make it look more like a paper wrapper, and iced the top of the cupcake as I would an ordinary cupcake.

*TIP* For the bottom of the cupcake I turned it upside before I covered it so the fondant would wrap up from the bottom. After it was covered I used the edge from a spatula handle to make the indents on the wrapper (these indents are also in the cake pan so it made it easy).

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