Coolest Ambulance Cake

My Ex Boss asked me to make a cake for her. She owns an ambulance service and I was excited to make an Ambulance Cake. I started by going to a home improvement store and bought wood and PVC pieces. I had my husband make four holes where I would slip PVC through but it didn’t go all the way in. That was to hold the cake up and to put the rice crispie tires.

I also had a piece of wood cut a little smaller than the size of the cake, also cut out slots for tires. I baked 3 9×13 cakes. Stacked them and carved out the shape of the van. Under the top layer I put a board in case it would be too heavy (it prob wasn’t necessary anyways).

I made the lights in advance and colored the squares of fondant with gel..The bumpers I used silver luster dust to give that chrome look. Cake was covered in fondant and added the lights and I painted on the company name and the windows and blue star.

She loved it and she put it on a Christmas greeting commercial.

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  1. How beautiful was that cake.And very detail.Where did you buy the lights. I hope you can help me,i am also making a ambulance cake. First one and i am very scared,But my son is going to paramedic academy and i have to learn to do this this cake with lights.. please help


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