Coolest Dump Truck Cake

The bottom portion of the Dump Truck Cake is 4 13×9” sheet cakes, layered with cookies and cream filling and topped with chocolate icing and Oreo and chocolate chip cookie crumbs. Orange cones are made from fondant and were allowed to dry.

The dump truck is made of pound cake baked in two standard bread pans. The pound cake was then iced with buttercream and covered with pre-made rolled white fondant. The yellow-orange color was added with spray food coloring, this was my first time using fondant, if I was to do it again I would kneed the color into the fondant as the spray gets sticky. All details on the truck body are from fondant, the lines made in the fondant were done using the back of a butter knife.

To “fill” the back of the truck I cut and peeled away the fondant and spread a thin layer of chocolate icing and then covered it with more Oreo and chocolate chip cookie crumbs. To keep the cookie crumbs from getting all over the cake I used strips of wax paper to cover the surrounding area.

The tires are rice cereal treats pressed into muffin tins. I then iced them and covered them with pre-colored rolled fondant, then used a small dowel rod to create treads. The hubcaps and fenders are fondant applied last. I placed the fenders on the tires while they were lying on their side and allowed them to dry. The tires are attached to the lower cake with two toothpicks and a tooth pick was inserted through the tire and into side of the dump truck at the edge of the hubcap to hide the whole.

The dump truck has a separate cardboard base under both the cab and the trailer and then an additional cardboard base runs under both the cab and the trailer to “connect” them. If I was to do this again I would have used something stronger to support the two pieces of the truck so then I would have only needed four supports underneath it which would have been hidden by the tires. The supports are plastic cut so that they stick up above the sheet cake half the height of the tires. The tires were attached once the dump truck was put in place on the supports.




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