Coolest Angry Angry Birds Cake

This was my first big challenge before I started working with fondant and sculpting but I managed to get it right the first time. My nephew wanted an Angry Birds cake for his birthday. I had a couple of weeks to figure this out. I went shopping with my imagination and bought a bunch of stuff I thought I could use.

A few days before the party I decided to try my hands at the Angry Birds to make sure I had them right. Then I baked the cake and started to put it all together. It just kept getting more and more intricate but I couldn’t stop myself.

The cake was awesome and everyone loved it. The best part was seeing my nephew’s face when we took the cake out. Even better was when we tried to cut the cake and he screamed “NO”. It’s my cake and I don’t want you to cut it.

He finally let us eat cake when we took all the characters off and told him he could keep them.

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