Epic DIY Angry Birds Cake

My almost 4 year old son loves playing the ‘Angry Birds’ game on my iPod, so I decided to do a cake for his birthday that would use that same theme. In order to make all of the little fondant creations, I had to start about 2 days in advance. I baked two 9×13 cakes, and allowed them to cool. Then, I prepared two batches of fondant: 1 batch of marshmallow fondant (from Wilton’s recipe page and 1 batch of chocolate rolled fondant. I let the fondant sit, double-wrapped, overnight.

The next day, I colored my fondant into the bird colors I would need and got to work making the birds. The birds are all made completely of fondant except for their eyebrows and feathers, which are made of small pieces of licorice whips. The pigs are completely made of fondant. I referred to my iPod game for ideas for some extra features (stones, nest, eggs, etc.). I used a set of gum paste tools and a circle cookie cutter to help make some of the more detailed features for each of the animals. I allowed all of the critters to sit out overnight to harden before being placed on the cake the next day.

To make the wooden structures, I used chocolate wafer cookies and then rolled out a thin layer of chocolate fondant to cover them. They were then hardened overnight. The slingshot is also chocolate wafer cookies covered in two layers of fondant, with a licorice whip wrapped around to look like the slingshot string.

On the day of the birthday party, I made up a batch of green buttercream icing, and used it first to crumb coat the chocolate cake and then covered it in chocolate fondant. To help hide the edges, I used extra chocolate fondant to make little rocks along the bottom of that ‘hill’. I frosted the other cake with green icing, making it rough textured to resemble grass. To assemble the wooden pieces, I used toothpicks. I also used toothpicks at the base of each ‘wooden’ shape to attach it to the cake. To place the slingshot, I ended up needing a little stronger base, so it is also secured with toothpicks, but it is on top of a half piece of wafer that was covered in chocolate fondant and laid horizontally as a base. The rest of the fondant pieces were just set on top of the cake.

This Homemade Angry Birds Cake turned out beautifully! The only thing I would change is that I didn’t have a large enough serving tray to really make it look like the game, so I had to turn the entire ‘hill’ that the pigs were sitting on sideways. This makes it a little difficult to see both sides easily in the pictures. However, my son loved it! His favorite part was doing demolition of the pigs structures with the birds before we enjoyed the dessert…and it was a lot of fun!

Homemade Angry Birds Cake

Homemade Angry Birds Cake

Homemade Angry Birds Cake

18 thoughts on “Epic DIY Angry Birds Cake”

  1. My soon to be 7 year old would die for this cake. We’ll have to see how creative I’m going to be!

  2. When I saw this version of the Angry Bird’s game in cake form, I was amazed. The detail of the pieces made me want to reach out and start flinging the birds around. The cake looked like a picture of the game in edible form. Plus, I know her little boy loved it! Isn’t that why Mom’s go through all the trouble of making these themed cakes? I think so. Great job, Amy!

  3. I love this cake. You did a wonderful job. I bet my 4 and 7 year old would love it too. What a great idea

  4. What a work of art! It’s an amazing labor of love. Your son is lucky to have a gifted mom like you! Cheers to you!

  5. I am unfamiliar with Angry Birds but do know a thing or three about cake decorating so can appreciate the attention to detail and the versatility in working with many different materials and your inventive use of them to bring your idea to “life”. I know from personal experience that your child will always remember the cakes you made for him. Well-done!

  6. Love it!! Not sure if I could have eaten a creation like this after putting all of that hard work… kudos.

  7. Hi Mrs. G! Great Angry Birds Cake! It should definitely win the grand prize! But no matter what, your memory of it, and of course your little one’s smile when he saw it, will always be priceless!

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