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Cool Homemade Artist Palette Birthday Cake

I made this Artist Palette cake for my daughter’s fifth birthday which had an arts and craft theme.

The cake was a 9″ x 13″ cake. I made it into a rainbow cake by dividing up the yellow cake batter into six equal parts and then coloring each a different color: purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow. I then poured each layer into the pan one at a time, starting with the purple.

Once the cake was cooled, I cut it into a palette shape and then froze for easy frosting. I frosted with white butter cream and then made frosting blobs of different colors for the top. Fondant could be used as well. I made five spots as she was five. I then added the real paint brushes. I found the cute mini easel at Michaels for the name tag. This was really easy and fun to make.

Cool Homemade Artist Palette Birthday Cake


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