Coolest Artist Palette Cake

This Artist Palette Cake I made for my step dad. I just used a regular 13×9 pan and and chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. Then I used white frosting for the paint pallet. For the paint I just put dollops of frosting that I dyed and a paint brush.

After I did that I thought the cake needed some more decorations so I decided to make a “painting on an easel”. I got 3 cocktail straws and screwed them with a toothpick then broke the ends of the toothpick and stuck the middle leg out backwards and the 2 ends forward in the cake like an easel. For the painting I gave my son some of the colored frosting to paint a small picture for his grandpa on a small piece of cardboard.

After the “painting” dried I wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAMPO with pen then I put frosting on the easel made of straws and stuck the painting on. Like it was frosting glue. With the last of the colored frosting I used it to make paint splashes. Super easy cake to make and I got lots of compliments.

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