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Coolest Auburn Football Cake

This auburn football cake is so much easier than it looks! This is probably one of the quickest cakes I have ever done too.

For the shape of the cake I used Wilton’s football shaped pan which I got at Michael’s. Then I covered the cake in chocolate fondant, and cut out strips of white fondant for the stripes/laces.

To make the line down the middle of the cake, I stretched a flower wire across it and used it to make an indent to make the football look more realistic.

To make the “AU” logo, I first traced the logo onto a folder to use as a template. Then I cut out my template and held it on my cake where I wanted the logo to go. Using an Xacto knife and holding my template in place, I gently traced around the letters in the logo so that when I pull my template away, I can see an indent of the logo. Then I traced the outside of the logo/letters with orange icing, and filled it all in with the blue icing.

For the last part, using a grass tip I piped some light and dark green stripes onto the cake board to make it resemble a field.

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