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Cool Homemade Baby Bump Cake with Flowers

I searched this web page to find a cool cake to make for sister’s baby shower. Since this was her 5th child I wanted it to be cool. I found many baby bump cakes and took a few ideas and made my own Baby Bump Cake.

I used the half soccer ball Wilton pan for the belly and 2 large banana nut muffins. I did a crumb coat over the belly and smoothed out as best as I could, then coated the muffins heavily to create the curve that I wanted. I then placed them where I would like them on the board then made my marshmallow fondant and placed it on the cake.

I then took my pizza cutter and traced along the body then cut the sway of the dress. I made the pink centers and purple flowers out of fondant and the purple strips as well. This was my first try and it was so much fun!! Good luck and be creative. Also I sprayed a light mist of water on it to give it a shiny gloss.

Oh and PS, I used my plastic cutting board but covered it with tissue paper then with plastic wrap to have a fun festive board.

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