I baked a few boxes of cake mix in a large bowl and two small bowls for this baby bump cake. Once cooled I cut them in half and added a chocolate puffing filling.  I arranged the cakes on a platter to make them look like a prego tummy.

I covered the cake in butter cream frosting. I made a rice crispy baby foot print and set in on the top side of the belly and added a belly button to show through. Then I covered the tummy cake in a blue colored fondant. I added a pocket on the dress and added some candy flowers. I covered the chest area with pink colored fondant and added a paisley design to the top. I added brown color fondant to make rope for under the chest.

I painted a paisley design on a piece of pink fondant and set it in the pocket on the dress. I layed the fondant gentle letting it fall to look like a flowing dress. I cut out western design in fondant and also set them around the cake. This cake was a lot of fun to make and I didn’t have any problems creating it. It was quite easy. I did this cake for my daughter’s baby shower party.

Everyone loved this cake! It was so moist and flavorful! I would definitely do this cake again!