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Awesome Burger Chips and Onion Rings Cake

We made this cake by baking a round cake and splitting it, we covered it in brown icing, and painted it with a little brown blossom tint mixed with vodka, then with sugar paste we, made sesame seeds and dropped on.

We we made lettuce tomatoes and red onion from fondant, used yellow icing for the cheese. There was a piping gel relish coloured green with sweets to look like pickles.

The  burger was chocolate, marshmallows and rice pops made into a patty.

We made the chips from sugar cookie dough cut to look like chunky chips, then used the crumbs and brown fondant icing for the onion rings.

The he ketchup was butter cream coloured with a lot of red Wilton colour, almost 3/4 of a pot!

Everyone was really amazed by the cake and it was really really good fun to make.

It was really really heavy once it was boxed, it tasted yummy too!

Awesome Burger Chips and Onion Rings Cake

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