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Coolest Bananas in Pyjamas Pinata Birthday Cake

I made this Bananas in Pyjamas Pinata Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday (as she is B in P crazy!) and it was a real hit. I first made the pinata which is B1’s head out of white chocolate and yellow food colouring. Once melted, I put the chocolate in a ‘Dolly Varden’ tin for a great banana shape.

Once set, I molded the face/top out of modeling icing and filled it with lollies. I then made the actual cake (under his pyjamas). Considering the head/lollies was so heavy, I made a mud cake. I think a sponge would have collapsed!

I iced the cake in white buttercream and made blue stripes out of modeling icing. It was a bit neater than icing on blue stripes. Then I put on the head and added a collar, buttons and my daughter’s name in the Bananas in Pyjamas style of writing and we had a great time.

What a surprise everyone at the party had when it came time to smash his head open and lollies came pouring out! Lots of fun.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Bananas in Pyjamas Pinata Birthday Cake”

  1. This cake is Awesome!!! I plan on making it for my son’s upcoming 2nd B’day He’s nana’s crazy!! One question: what size Dolly Varden tin did you use??

  2. Hi, what a beautiful job you have done. Hope you don’t mind but I would like to make this cake for my sons 1st birthday. I was just wondering where you got the blocks to spell her name from? I know most people make them, but I was hoping to just buy them.
    Thanks Again


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