Coolest Bananas In Pyjamas Cake

This homemade Bananas in Pyjamas cake was made based on an enlarged photocopy from a book. I then made a vanilla cake mix 2 packet mixes in a baking tray, then cut out the shape from the photo copy. The hands were made from offcuts, iced in yellow & stuck onto the main cake. The face was iced in yellow, the rest of the cake in white butter icing. The blue stripes were piped on with a wide flat nozzle.

The collar, waistband and shoes were made from large marshmallows cut to shape. Buttons were white choc buttons. Outlines of the hands & shoe detail was with black gel decorating tubes. There were 3 balloons made from large muffin tin holes. The balloon strings were made from cut down licorice straps.

As I needed to have a cake for 2 groups, I used the balloons to cut up for the first party, then replaced them for the second, where the homemade Banana in Pyjamas cake was devoured!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Bananas In Pyjamas Cake”

  1. That is just a fantastic cake the best cake I have ever seen pity you don’t live in Sydney otherwise I would have you make one for me. I know my friend Altiyan would just love it it would just bring a tear to his eye.

  2. What a great cake. I’m going to attempt this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, and hope it turns out as well. You’ve given me some great tips!


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